Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hello friends! We had such a great time in Paris and London. My heart tends to go pitter patter when I see the French architecture and oogle at all those beautiful macaroons. We did a house swap and must say it rocked. I would highly recommend it. I think this is the best way to travel with kids. When we went to London we stayed at a rather fancy hotel and kinda dreaded it. Crazy right? Our "home" in Paris was a beautiful 4 bedroom apt in the 15th arrondissement across the street from a great kids park for both older children and toddlers. Heaven! I have no more gigs on my computer so I can not (insert huge sigh here) upload my pictures. More gigs are coming this week - I promise not to disappoint. There have been a few requests (thank you) for prints. I'm going to take the plunge into the Etsy world. I will let you know when this is done.


Jessica said...

Sounds like absolute heaven. Can't wait to see pics and hear details. Glad to have you home!! xoxo

Fox said...

Cannot wait to see the sights! XoXoX

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