Monday, July 20, 2009

With Love

I'm sending these via blog (because I know she reads it) to my lovely friend Jessica, who is stuck at the hospital on bed rest. I promise you'll get the real thing with a pile of goodies on Wed. xo


Beth said...

That is a lovely gesture, but I hope she is well enough to make your blog feeds. ;) I like the posts Shutter Canuck keep up the good work.

johnballard said...

Great photos Johanna. Glad to see you continue to shoot well. Isn't it time that a successful photographer like you gets a new camera? When are you going to take some photos of beautiful Utah in the winter?

Barkerwitz said...

Does this mean the baby is on the way!!! Yipee for Jessica. I love the bright blooms they are so cheerful! Beautiful shot.

Jessica said...

These are the best flowers I've gotten, I love them. Can't wait to see you tomorrow, doing well today, baby being nice and cooperative. Keep baking baby. xoxo

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